About Red Wiggler Supply

Feeding Red Wiggler Worms in Surrey, BCWe started Red Wiggler Supply after having our own kitchen scrap worm composting system for ten years. As our interest grew, we started experimenting with indoor bins and built a larger yard waste worm composter. We ended up with a surplus of worms and decided to sell some locally through our business Balance Projects.  It was a success so we decided expand the number of beds so we could sell the worms and worm compost to the local market.

The system we use to raise the worms is environmentally friendly and we obtain feedstocks as part of recycling efforts by local businesses. Feed used in our worm composting operation primarily consists of vegetable scraps and coffee grounds from nearby businesses and recycled cardboard and newspaper.
Red Wigglers in Bins
Although we don’t produce worms for commercial sale at this time, our goal is to provide information on worm compost systems and red wiggler worms for people wanting to try worm composting at home.

If you’re just starting up a worm composing system we hope you’ll find this website useful. Find out how to get started worm composting with red wigglers here.