About vermiculture

Red Wiggler, Red Wriggler, Eisenia Fetida

Eisenia species in compost

Commercial worm farming or “vermiculture” has existed as an industry for a long time. Different species of worms are raised for use as bait, pet food and composting. Red wigglers or Eisenia Fetida are used around the world for composting materials as varied as paper wastes, food scraps, animal manures, biosolids, and industrial wastes.

In North America, as interest in food composting and organic gardening increases, so does the popularity of composting with red wigglers. There are signs that worm composting is becoming more accepted, such as features on Oprah Winfrey’s website  and Martha Stewart Living demonstrating worm composting.

Within Canada, “As alternatives to disposal in landfills become central to waste management, organics diversion, or composting, will become a growing part of the waste management equation.” (StatsCan).  Many municipalities encourage home composting, and even worm composting.

Also in much of Canada, bans on pesticides for garden use are being implemented or considered by municipalities. As a result there should be increased interest in use of organic garden care products that produce pest resistance in plants such as earthworm castings and worm compost teas.

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