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Top dressing gardens and lawns in the spring with vermicompost

The early spring in BC is inspiring gardeners to start their gardens now. Vermicompost makes an excellent spring top dressing. No need to till it under or water it in — Mother Nature does that for you. Our recommendations for

Winter care of compost bins

Depending on your climate, you may be able to keep a bin of red wiggler compost worms outdoors during the winter. My larger bins are kept outdoors here in Surrey, BC since we have mild coastal winters. However anything under

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Use of worm casting tea in dry weather

Give plants in your garden and containers an extra boost in dry weather by mixing up some worm tea when you water. Vermicompost tea, made of worm castings and water, contains the nitrogen, phosporus, potassium (NPK), micronutrients and microorganisms that

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Featured Product: Worm Factory 360

We’ve experimented with the Worm Factory 360 and find it a good option for those wanting to have a worm composting system indoors.  We found that this system is suitable for a 1-2 person household.  You can purchase extra trays

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Other sources of composting worms

Good news: worm composting is becoming increasingly popular! The bad news is that we can’t always keep red wiggler worms in stock. Other suppliers in the Lower Mainland BC include: Wormworx Urban Worm Wonders All Things Organic

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Using dry leaves in a worm compost bin

Autumn leaves can be used with or in place of newspaper or cardboard bedding in your worm composting bin. They will be the carbon-rich brown component of the bin to balance out your green kitchen scraps. If you’re just starting

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Worm composting in the classroom

Worm compost bins in the classroom are popular because not only are they fun, they compliment science curriculum and social responsibility goals.  Allowing students to dispose of their lunch scraps into a worm compost bin is a great goal. Here are a

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Fertilize garden vegetables through the homestretch with worm compost

Vegetables that will continue producing this next few months benefit from continued fertilization. This includes squash, leafy vegetables and your fall or overwintering crops. Use worm compost as a side dressing or mix it with water to make compost tea.

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Sidedress your vegetables with worm compost

Give your plants a quick shot of nutrients by adding worm compost to your beds during the growing season. Worm compost won’t burn plants like other fertilizers. I put a handfull of worm compost around the base of each plant.

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Ideal amount of worm compost to mix into garden soil is 20 percent

With the planting season beginning, it is a good time to empty worm castings out of your composter and add them to your garden. When adding your finished worm compost into your garden soil, a good rule of thumb is

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Tomato seed germination and planting experiment using vermicompost

This past fall I heard a talk about improved germination of seeds when they’re soaked in an extract or “tea” made of worm castings (notes on the talk are here). I tried my own experiment which I posted recently. The

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Other bugs that may come to live in a compost bin

There are many other insects and bugs that coexist with red wiggler worms in a compost bin. Most are harmless, a few should be removed.  Sow bugs (gray isopods), springtails (tiny white collembola), mites, earwigs, beetles, and other species of

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Climate-smart agricultural techniques using red wiggler worms: article

Interesting article about agricultural practices using vermiculture in Columbia:

City of Surrey Composting Resources and Programs

Currently, the city of Surrey “strongly supports backyard composting as a great way to divert some organic wastes generated at home”, according to the city website. The City promotes composting through the sale of backyard composters called Earth Machines to

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FAQ about placing a worm compost bin outdoors

Question: “I am a Surrey resident. If I only use uncooked fruit and vegetable waste, do I need to be concerned about attracting rats? Also, can this composter be placed outside all winter or is that too cold for the

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