Best way to collect worm compost out of a simple box or rubber worm bin

Have a basic one layer box for a worm bin? There is an easy way to collect the compost — it just takes a bit of patience! You don’t even have to handle the worms (unless you want to of course!)

Red wiggler worms deposit most of the castings on the bottom, so if you dig down and the bedding has been turned into thick dark castings, it is probably time to harvest it. Here are the steps:

  1. With a small shovel, push the heavy old compost, worms and all, to one half of the bin.
  2. Add moistened fresh bedding — shredded newspaper or cardboard — to the bottom of the other half of the bin.
  3. Push any recently added, uncomposted food scraps, worms and all, over onto the fresh bedding.
  4. Add some fresh food scraps to the new bedding.
  5. Top off the new side with a layer of moistened newspaper or other bedding.
  6. Wait a month. the red wigglers will migrate from the old compost to the new bedding.
  7. Collect the finished worm-free compost.
  8. Fill the empty side with fresh bedding and add food scraps as needed.


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