Featured Product: Worm Factory 360

Worm Factory ComposterWe’ve experimented with the Worm Factory 360 and find it a good option for those wanting to have a worm composting system indoors.  We found that this system is suitable for a 1-2 person household.  You can purchase extra trays for the Worm Factory but we find that stacking more than 4-5 trays squishes the habitat too much. So if you’re cooking for a family and have a lot of food scraps, you’d want 2 of these systems or else a larger outdoor worm composting bin.

Worm Factory 360 available in Vancouver, Surrey and BC

The composter will house a thriving population of worms to break down kitchen scraps. The worms start out in the bottom tray and move up through the system as you add fresh food scraps in a new tray on top. An excellent instructional manual with lots of tips and information is included.


Here’s a link to the Worm Factory 360 on Amazon.com

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