Other bugs that may come to live in a compost bin

There are many other insects and bugs that coexist with red wiggler worms in a compost bin. Most are harmless, a few should be removed.

 Sow bugs (gray isopods), springtails (tiny white collembola), mites, earwigs, beetles, and other species of worms all help in the composting process and will not harm your worms.

However there are some pests which should be removed or kept in check:

  • Centipedes will eat worms and should be removed with tweezers.
  • Slugs will not harm the worms but will lay eggs that can get on your plants — they can be removed by hand.
  • Flies can be a nuisance and can be managed by covering the food scraps with newspaper or bedding.
  • If ants are an annoyance, you can discourage them by adding more moisture to the bedding.

The main thing to remember is that worms cannot survive in a sterile environment. There are many organisms that are part of a natural composting process.

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