Preparing your worm composting bin for cold weather

During the fall, your worms should still be going strong composting garden waste and other scraps you put in the bin. Here are some tips:

  • Now is a good time to harvest some vermicompost before it gets soggy with fall rains. Bag it up so you have it for spring
  • Bulk up the volume of your bin in preparation for winter. If you have more mass, it is less likely to be affected by freezing. Worms love shredded cardboard, but you can also add garden waste and fall leaves, keeping a balance of green and brown additives. Resist the urge to add a lot of any one item (for example worms won’t like a bunch of apples).
  • Outdoor bins can be protected from cold by adding some layers on top. A sheet of foam insulation works great for us on the coast. Even layers of carpet and or cardboard can help keep the bin from freezing.
  • If you have a small worm bin, consider moving it into a shed or garage for winter.

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