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Use of worm casting tea in dry weather

Give plants in your garden and containers an extra boost in dry weather by mixing up some worm tea when you water. Vermicompost tea, made of worm castings and water, contains the nitrogen, phosporus, potassium (NPK), micronutrients and microorganisms that

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Effects on Plant Growth and Pest and Disease Suppression Using Vermicompost Aqueous Extracts (Teas)

Speaker: Norman Q. Arancon, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, University of Hawaii, Hilo This work with vermicompost extracts was done at Ohio State University. Here are the key points I was able to take away from his talk: To

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Vermicomposting campus food residues in a Passive Solar Greenhouse in a cold climate

Speaker: Dr. John Biernbaum, Michigan State University Dept. of Horticulture where they have a year-round student run organic farm and CSA. Here are my notes from his talk: At Michigan State University they are trying to grow local and have

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Day 2 of NCSU Vermiculture Conference. Topic: Raising and Selling Worms, Castings, Compost Mixes and Soil Amendments

Speaker: John Stewart, The Worm Farm Started in 1994 and now sells over 100 different products. Originally a chicken ranch, then started making compost. Talk started with a joke: What’s the best advice to give to a worm? Get up

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Vermiculture in India: Agriculture, Solid Waste Management and Habitat Restoration

Speaker: Peter Ash, StraightAsh Evironmental Solutions Here are my notes: Peter showed slides of different vermicomposting systems in India. Precomposting was done before adding worms. Cow dung was often composted. Common plant inputs include coconut husks and bamboo leaves. Showed

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Produce Distributor Vermicomposts Produce Scraps in Hand-built Bins

Speaker: Roger Grosswald, Re-Organics, Sustainable FoodCycling with Foster-Caviness Here are my notes on the talk: Re-Organics is a composting company that handles freight waste from produce industry freight-waste. They compost produce for nitrogen and food grade cardboard for carbon. They

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic – Construction and Commissioning of North America’s Largest Composting Facility

Tom Herlihy, RT Solutions, runs the largest agricultural vermicomposting facility in North America. Here are my takeaways from his talk: Company’s mantra for production: That it be consistent uniform and repeatable. Note: they produce compost as opposed to worms. About

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