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Ideal amount of worm compost to mix into garden soil is 20 percent

With the planting season beginning, it is a good time to empty worm castings out of your composter and add them to your garden. When adding your finished worm compost into your garden soil, a good rule of thumb is

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City of Surrey Composting Resources and Programs

Currently, the city of Surrey “strongly supports backyard composting as a great way to divert some organic wastes generated at home”, according to the city website. The City promotes composting through the sale of backyard composters called Earth Machines to

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Setting up a worm composting habitat in an aquarium?

Question: I have an aquarium I’d like to use for a worm composting project in my classroom. Will this work and do you have any tips? Great question. I’m not sure worm composting is the right project for an aquarium.

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