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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: The Utilization of Vermicomposts in Horticulture

Speaker: Norman Q. Arancon, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Horticulture, University of Hawaii, Hilo Much of today’s talk will build on chapters 9 and 10 of book available at this conference: Vermiculture Technology: Earthworms, Organic Wastes, and Environmental Management edited

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Vermiculture in India: Agriculture, Solid Waste Management and Habitat Restoration

Speaker: Peter Ash, StraightAsh Evironmental Solutions Here are my notes: Peter showed slides of different vermicomposting systems in India. Precomposting was done before adding worms. Cow dung was often composted. Common plant inputs include coconut husks and bamboo leaves. Showed

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Produce Distributor Vermicomposts Produce Scraps in Hand-built Bins

Speaker: Roger Grosswald, Re-Organics, Sustainable FoodCycling with Foster-Caviness Here are my notes on the talk: Re-Organics is a composting company that handles freight waste from produce industry freight-waste. They compost produce for nitrogen and food grade cardboard for carbon. They

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic – Construction and Commissioning of North America’s Largest Composting Facility

Tom Herlihy, RT Solutions, runs the largest agricultural vermicomposting facility in North America. Here are my takeaways from his talk: Company’s mantra for production: That it be consistent uniform and repeatable. Note: they produce compost as opposed to worms. About

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference topic: Pre-composting: 9.5 out of 10 Worms Recommend It

Speaker: Dr. Rob Rynk, State University of New York. Here are my notes: Precomposting food before feeding it to worms is often done with force-aerated composted bins. This has also been done for years in the mushroom growing industry. Reasons

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NCSU Vermiculture Conference Topic: Earthworm Biology and Environmental Parameters of Importance

Speaker: Dr. John Biernbaum, Michigan State University Dept. of Horticulture where they have a year-round student run organic farm and CSA. Here are notes of things that I learned and took away: John’s done specific work on worm composting in

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Setting up a worm composting habitat in an aquarium?

Question: I have an aquarium I’d like to use for a worm composting project in my classroom. Will this work and do you have any tips? Great question. I’m not sure worm composting is the right project for an aquarium.

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Favorite foods of red wiggler worms

By observing your bin, you’ll see which foods they prefer over time. Here are some favorites: Squash and pumpkin Melon rinds and pulp Avocado skins Banana Peels Mango Foods they don’t like so much are: raw potato peels onions and

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Grass clippings? Add with care

If you have a large outdoor worm compost bin, you may want to add grass clippings to the mix. One problem is that finely cut fresh grass often heats up to a temperature that is too hot for the worms!

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