Use of worm casting tea in dry weather

Vermicompost tea for Vancouver, BC Canada gardening

Making a quick batch of worm compost tea

Give plants in your garden and containers an extra boost in dry weather by mixing up some worm tea when you water. Vermicompost tea, made of worm castings and water, contains the nitrogen, phosporus, potassium (NPK), micronutrients and microorganisms that plants and soil need to thrive.

The easiest way to make worm compost tea is to mix a spadeful of worm castings into a watering can. More sophisticated methods for people wanting to cover a large area include using a container to mix worm castings and non-chlorinated water with molasses or animal feed. Aerating this mixture by stirring or with an aquarium air pump for a few days encourages the beneficial aerobic microbes to multiply. The idea is that if you infuse the worm castings with air and a food source, you increase its potency. This can then be strained, diluted further and applied with a sprayer.

Experimenting with different methods of making worm compost tea is part of the fun. (Nice to know that the castings-into-the-watering-can method works well for those of us gardening on a small scale.)

For tips on how to harvest your worm castings for use in making compost tea, click here.

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