Vacation care for red wigglers: 1 week to 2 months

Leaving your worm bin while you’re on vacation is fine — just prepare a comfortable environment for the worms:

  • Move bin to a cool, dry place, protected from sun and rain.
  • Make sure your bin has some airholes or cracks for ventilation.
  • Harvest excess castings from the bin and replace it with fresh bedding
  • Add food scraps to two corners of the bin and cover with fresh bedding.
  • Moisten the bedding, and help the bin retain moisture by adding a mat of wet newspaper on top.
  • Make sure there is no standing water in the bin and (empty the drainage reservoir if necessary).

The worms will break down the new food scraps and fresh bedding while you’re away. They will turn them into well processed castings if you leave them for an extended period of time. After they consume the bedding and food, they will not multiply as quickly or grow as fast. If left longer than two months, you should have someone add fresh food, bedding and moisture to the bin.



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