Worm composting in the classroom

Worm compost bins in the classroom are popular because not only are they fun, they compliment science curriculum and social responsibility goals.  Allowing students to dispose of their lunch scraps into a worm compost bin is a great goal. Here are a few tips:

  • Start new systems fairly early in the school year or else obtain a system that has already been established.
  • Lunch foods that can go in are fruits, veggies, bread crusts, rice, and noodles. Avoid meat, dairy, sauces, grease, or salty foods.
  • Remember that a pound of red wiggler worms can eat about 1/2 pound of organics per day in an established bin.
  • Having small groups of students take turns adding their lunch scraps works out best at first. As the worms multiply, more food can be added.
  • Check the moisture level weekly. The bedding should be moist but not wet.
  • Red wigglers will be fine if left over school vacations — just follow our vacation care tips first!

There are complete instructions for how to start a worm composting system here.

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