Gardening 101: Why you should start your own compost pit

Composting is a necessary process that you need to know if you’re planning to beautify your garden with various plants and flowers. The materials within composts can help the soil become fertile and more workable. This can help your plants grow and receive the right nutrients they need to survive. 

Organic matter can be turned into compost. When these biodegradable materials decompose and are left to cure for a few weeks, they turn into nutrient-rich soil that you can incorporate into your backyard. 

Our team in Red Wigglers Supply believes in the importance of compost in gardening. Get to know why it’s important for you to start learning and practising composting on your own when you scroll down. 

Importance of composting

You take part in nature’s recycling process

In the natural order of things, organic matter such as our leftovers decomposes. This process releases chemicals that can be beneficial to soil and plant growth. However, this process is disrupted because of unsustainable garbage disposal practices that you may have implemented at home. 

When you start composting using organic matter you regularly find at home, you aid in nature’s recycling process. Additionally, you also reduce the amount of solid waste disposed of in landfills which can add to the methane build-up of the place.

Creates healthy soil

Most organic matters found in your home came from natural food that’s left to rot. You can utilize these materials if you learn how to compost. Not only did you help reduce the carbon footprint of your household but you also helped your garden soil to thrive. 

Moreover, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides can ultimately harm your soil. Going all-natural on your compost pit can help reduce your dependence on chemical products for gardening. Additionally, you can support sustainable development in your own little way. 

Increases the growth of healthy soil microorganisms

Although chemical fertilizers can help your plants grow, the substances in these products inhibit the growth of naturally occurring bacteria and microorganisms. Your soil won’t be as healthy and receptive to nutrient build-up when using these products.

If you switch to organic composting that you can do on your own, you’d be able to help your soil cultivate good bacteria and living microorganisms. This can provide your plants with the right nutrients to grow. 

Moreover, these microorganisms also contribute to the pH balance of your garden soil. When you compost, the soil is naturally modified and stabilized to the right pH balance that plants need to flourish. 

Suppresses weed growth

Weed loves unhealthy soil. When there’s weed growth in your garden, you best believe that there are not enough nutrients for your plants to flourish. You can avoid this from happening often when you add compost to your garden soil. Although it isn’t a foolproof way to eradicate weeds, at least you’ve ensured that your plants and soil have enough nutrients to survive.