Why compost with red wigglers?

Worm composting is an efficient and pleasant way to compost food and garden scraps in a small space. Then there is the added benefit of producing worm castings for your garden.

Reasons to Start Worm Composting

Now is the best time to start worm composting. It’s not hard to do, and anyone can do it. A lot of resources are available to help you take the first step in creating a world with less waste. If you want convincing reasons to begin, you have to read on.

Here at Red Wiggler Supply, we strive and push people to make better choices for the environment and themselves. Check out the rest of our site for more info and helpful tips on worm composting.

Reasons Why You Should Do Worm Composting

This organic garbage disposal is the most efficient and natural way to get rid of your organic wastes. Worms are very handy for recycling leftovers and food scraps. Once they eat it, the worms’ body breaks it down to create vermicompost that can be used as soil fertilizer in your garden.

  • It is rewarding.

One of the best things about worm composting is that you get to reap a lot of benefits that come with it. They’re good for the environment so you’re giving back to nature the care that it deserves. Doing this will also change how you consume and treat your wastes. You’ll be more conscious of the daily choices you make.

  • It is fun!

Anyone can do it. It is a great way to introduce good habits to children at an early age. This can be a great bonding experience for you and your family. You just don’t get rewards out of it, you’re able to enjoy it as well.

  • It reduces waste and pollution.

It is good for the environment because it reduces landfill waste. According to a recent study, 40% of landfill wastes are made up of organic materials. It is just an estimate, so it may be more. Organic wastes can also pollute both water and air. Once you’ve switched to worm composting, you can easily reduce this number and decrease the effect of pollution on nature.

  • It is a cheap and natural fertilizer.

If you’ve ever been a gardening fan, you would know that organic fertilizers can be costly. Worm castings from worm composting are a cheap alternative to store-bought ones. You can save up money and allocate it for other important things.

Worm castings are nutrient-rich and can restore the health and condition of the soil. It is free of toxins that chemical fertilizers have.

  • You can do it anywhere.

Worm composting can be done in your home, outside, or even in schools. The good thing about this sustainable practice is that it is not limited to a certain place.

Now that you’re at the end of this article, you can start today. The Red Wiggler Supply is your best online source to help you make that change to more sustainable practices in waste disposal.